All Initiatives Past and Present


Over the last decade, before and after the creation of the Foundation, Mrs. Astvatsaturian Turcotte spearheaded dozens of humanitarian, development, cultural, environmental and educational projects worldwide to support the community and to benefit the vulnerable population in Armenia and Artsakh Republic.  These include but are not limited to the following:

Current Initiatives:

  • Ser Artsakh is a charitable initiative launched on June 1, 2022, first designed to benefit the Artsakhtsi families who chose to live and stay in post-war Artsakh. After Artsakh’s tragic ethnic cleansing in September 2023 we continue the initiative for Artsakhtsis born in Armenia. To support these forcibly displaced families we provide each newborn with 22-25 vital items of supplies in a beautiful gift box. By the end of 2023 since launching of the initiative we have gifted over 2288 gift boxes. Ongoing humanitarian work to assist forcibly displaced Artsakh Armenians (housing, food, clothing, kitchen supplies, Christmas gifts, toys, books, bedding, diapers, baby formula, medicine, hygiene supplies).  Sponsoring Veske Dzerker (Վըսկէ ձեռքեր) event put together by and for the women of Artsakh.
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Past Initiatives:

  • Humanitarian assistance and development projects in post-war Artsakh.
  • Renovation of the Khndzoresk School Auditorium Initiative to Document and Research Financial, Personal and Property Losses of the Armenian Population of Artsakh during the 2020 Artsakh War
  • 130 space heaters to Artsakh families, school and kindergarten rooms during the gas blockade by Azerbaijan in the sprint of 2022.
  • Medical and humanitarian supplies to Artsakh and Armenia Financial assistance to 200 Artsakh refugee families
  • Christmas gifts to 1500 Artsakh refugee children
  • Building 2 bomb shelters for civilians in Tavush Province, Armenia with Pahapan Foundation
  • Renovation of 7 school bathrooms with Paros Foundation in Khndzoresk, Armenia
  • Planting a forest with Armenia Tree Project in Talin, Armenia
  • Supporting the Artsakh Ballet College with 300 ballet costumes, clothing and hundreds of dance shoes.
  • Supporting women’s group initiatives across Armenia
  • Providing medical eye care screenings, surgeries and eyewear to two villages of Karashen and Khndzoresk, Armenia
  • Bath/kitchen portable unit for Artsakh border post
  • Hundreds of military grade medical kits for Artsakh border posts Solar power banks for Artsakh border posts
  • Organizing, collecting and sending handknit items to children of the rural population of Artsakh Financial assistance to Baku Armenian refugee families residing in Artsakh and Armenia
  • Financial assistant to Artsakh refugee families residing in Artsakh and Armenia
  • Art supplies, play costumes to Artsakh children in Shushi Kindergarten
  • Armath Laboratory with 3D printers, computers, furniture and software for Stepanakert School #8